Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Focus Switch

Don't fuck with me. I am not your friend, I am not your enemy. I am no one to you. That is what you wanted it to be. No one will ever replace me. You gave nothing unconditional, you messed with my soul. I had to battle the darkest places of my bright mind, to get around to a place where I could once again be mine. I am not some silly hoe, that sits around and thinks that she is not worthy of commitment, consistency and unconditional love.

I am the beginning and the end. I am everything when there will be nothing left. I will be the last one standing when everyone else has been disowned. I will be the brightest fire when everything else has crumbled to dust. I will be the calmest water to wash a tide of nourishment over your body when you are near drout. I will quench your thirst. I will feed the hungers of your desires. I will fuck you deeper, kiss you softer.

I am so much more than just a woman. Sturdy in heart, strong in mind. Honest with words when coming to express that which I wish to be mine. I may struggle with all that you gave me, which was a shady dose of something that amounted to not enough. But I will not give up.

Don't fuck with me. For if you had any respect, you would see, that I am on my way to greatness, without equalling you and me.

I want it all. It will be mine. Do not fuck with me. I am not that blind.
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