Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bacon & Eggs

Memories are a most potent reflection of your experiences and your emotions throughout your life. Some wish to drowned their memories, while others learn to appreciate what they did not necessarily have, but were inspired to feel, through looking back. Once a memory is embedded in your heart and engraved in your mind, it can stay with you always. Day after day. Holding on to the good memories, when left with the pain of what made you part ways in the bad, is often one of the hardest accomplishments to salvage your heart and mind to agree upon.

In the morning, bacon and eggs. Lying in her arms on the green, Astroturf roof, basking in the sun and soaking up each one of its rays with such a respect for how happy I was. I felt so damn complete. Even though I knew I could enjoy all these activities by my own self, I felt so much more at peace with her by my side. Watching her lean, slim and agile body hop over the barrier like a frog, effortlessly. She could fly like a superhero. The bacon and eggs were always cooked to perfection, crunchy and fluffy. My contribution to the mix was the introduction of rye bread.

At night, pouring wine, smoking weed and just laying tight in eachother’s arms. The moon rising and silence. Only the beat of our hearts to be heard beside the rustle of leafs and the sound of squirrels throwing things down from the massive tree, who had spread its arms to shield our love.

We pretzeled and she wrapped herself like a blanket around my body, to keep me warm. I wanted to give her everything that I could to make her happy. But like most memories, now I just have a remembrance of yesterday and that time stood still.

Tina asks, "What's love got to do with it?" I say everything.
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