Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Silent Within

Everytime I feel the war is over it begins again. The unhealthy thoughts wrestling my heart to the ground, little palpitation allowing it to pump out the negative past. My inner most thoughts tell me that my love is all I have to give. That without love I would be an empty shell with no soulful purpose. I feel a healthy paranoia of not knowing if the ones I love ever loved me with anything more than temporary fascination. That the ones I gave my heart too with nothing but a hope somehow led me towards misunderstanding beauty in all it's forms. A time for resignation creeps near. That common belief in healing tells from sadness comes strength. That the universe remains kind and guides me closer to my own destiny. I wanna spend my love. Hopefully the bends in the road will one day return my story to promise with a woman who will stand by me, as I will her. I beg for patience and healing through deep breath. 

On a voyage I returned home to find only my own comfort in my lonely bed. Will I ever feel whole again?

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