Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Head to Toe

I see the aura around you and I am drawn into you like a moth to a flame. I like the way you smile, your lips are full and I can see myself kissing them softly, teasing you with my teeth to make you wet. I find myself looking at you with such delight, you speak fluidly and your thoughts are naturally intelligent. I study your body from afar but my thoughts are of your naked skin against mine. I fix my glasses. I wanna have your junk on lock down. I think of your thighs in my hands, the music magnetizing our hips into eachother, our attraction torturing us while we brush up against eachother. The way I feel is sexual. I feel nothing around me but you - I am drawn to your playful, cat-like nature. You're funny and I like it. My tongue gets anxious in my mouth. Danger. If I get my mind into you, it may be all night. You are all woman and I like it. I lick my lips and feel hungry. You give me a mellow fever and make me full of horny fantasies. I have so many thoughts running through my queer little mind like drag race cars. The only direction they lead me is between your thighs. I want you to express yourself to me. I want you on your knees begging for my love face down. I will show you how. I cross my legs and remember I am in public. I wanna discover all of you, I imagine you taste just like honey from your head to your toe. You are gonna make me feel so good. Come and let  me out of my cage.
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