Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NEW SERIES: Daily Deep Dose

Hi friends. As many of you know, I am active on many social media sites including Twitter & Instagram: @PROVOKEMEinc. I am proud to present a new series on my blog, Daily Deep Dose (DDD). These segments will feature my own thoughts and heartfelt notions. I am growing and I invite you to grow with me! I hope these affirmations of spirit will inspire you to be better, kinder and more aware. This are my learnings and I can only hope to be open and honest with you, my fellow oyager, about my journey.

Here are a few DDD's from past days to start us off:

Know instinctively the reason behind your feelings and thoughts. Manifest destiny.

Realizations are abundant and opportunities are rich. Find your way through listening to your heart, while quieting the ego of your mind. All is how is should be.

Never ignore your intuition - for it is a divine instrument that is given to us for protection. When you listen to the voice within you, no matter what it may be telling you (good or bad, tough or tender) you will lead a more enlightened existence. Trust yourself. 

I would rather leave young and restless to the past and embrace now - mature and ready.

I can feel the quiet universe inside of me. She tells me to remember that what many call divine lays deep within me.  

Full of virtuous cravings I desire so much fulfillment. I feel love. I know how she tastes. 

Take chances and you will learn and grow. You're capable of overcoming any challenge if you face it knowing you will become more. 
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