Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mari Ma

She was born into this world on a rainy July morning - unaware of the twists and turns that lay ahead on her unsuspecting path. Her mother caressed her face as she cried joy, knowing that this child she bore was the purest manifestation of her very own insides. As she grew, the child learned everything she could about being human from her Mother: how to give, how to be kind, how to love and most importantly to how to rise every time someone objected to her expanding her mind. 

Seasons came and went, then came and went again and the child became a girl. Each time she looked in the mirror she recognized the face of her good Mother with smiling glee, the face of her very own Devi. Her Mother assured her that as long as she remained open in heart and mind, she could achieve any of her dreams, whether it being a singer, a teacher or simply a person who helps others less fortunate than her. By the time she was a teenager she had learned from her Mother, what true freedom was- the ability to release herself from war, spiritual persecution and broken dreams that had not appeared to be as triumphant as she had once imagined, and believe brighter days were ahead. 

At 18 she feel in love for the first time with another woman. She had never imagined that she would not be accepted by her Mother when she told her of her queer nature, and she was not disappointed. Her Mother held her with assurance that everything would be just fine if her love was pure and full in her belly. She felt divine. When her heart was broken for the first time, her Mother ran her hands through her hair of Indian silk and let her weep on her lap like a broken child. She brought her toast and sat while she cried with such sorrow. She assured her the sun again would rise. 

As the years past she saw the spirits of her ancestors pass through the body of her Mother,  reminding her again of the power she was born from - and though at times she felt lost, used and abused, she was reminded by her Mother that she was worth lightning and thunder. That trouble and pain was not invited to destroy her ability to be one with nature, to honour herself and the ones that carried her without hesitation towards the diyas light. It was her destiny to find her own faithful place, not to become erased.

When again the girl, who was now a young woman fell, her Mother reminded her that she was a child of the moon, that the universe was her guide and at the moment she was born time had stood still to marvel in her unique beauty. She must not hide. 

When she was 31 her heart was once again sunken, like a ship lost at sea. This time the child who had once become a young woman, fully blossomed into her Mother's true mature reflection. The strength that her Mother gave her was now to be fully realized. She did not know how, but she knew her heart would tuck away all her Mothers secrets on how to survive and remain good until the day she died.
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