Thursday, April 3, 2008


All good things come to an end when there time has surely passed, but can you find forgiveness in your heart? Look beyond yesterday, or even today and know that with your heart it tact you will be okay. There comes a time to resign to being hurt by another’s hands, or another’s indifference towards the affection that you wish to bring into existence. Love starts within yourself, but when you are done loving you will there be anything left to give to someone else? Our world focuses on the idea of consumption. The more we believe to possess or control, the more we believe we are worth or we can contain. The more we smoke, the more we eat, the more we drink, the more we snort, the more we laugh, the more we cry, the more, more, more. Has anyone ever wondered if too much is just that, too much? Greed is not an honourable way to live if it means sacrificing the integrity of the soul that you have been blessed to carry within your chest. I can see clearly now that I crossed a point of no return, where I sat alone and forgot to remember that I was privileged to have a mother who had taught me how to be a woman of survival, with my feet on the ground, my head up in the clouds and only my dreams and ambitions to be realized.
Sometimes I can feel so lonely and afraid of not having what it is that I want, that I forgot to be hopeful of my potential to grow beyond this controlled realm. We are bred to fail so don’t forget that we must exhale and prevail. A moment I have taken to reevaluate the people who have touched me, the words that have moved me, the voices that have soothed me and the ones who I can turn to when I wish to run from myself, or reside in a place where I abused the salvation of emotional depth.
Knowledge and wisdom can only manifest with harmony for growth. For there is no rest for those who need to find away from all the things that they are told that they must buy, with little explanation to understanding there actual worth. The wheels in my head turn and turn, often my heart has burned and burned. But I say enough is enough. The only thing that I can strive to be is the change that I want to see for the future of our children, the future of our world. What is it that made you feel struggle? What made you weep with pain? Raise your fists in the air and say you can’t and won’t take it anymore. Love is what we are here for. No more empty constellations, look and find the way that they guide you towards elevation, contemplation and constant revelation. Write your book knowing that it will complete, be the author, the editor and the illustrator. Beginning to end, know that you are meant to fertilize the soil of the seed of your potential wisdom and knowledge to grow as tall as blades or grass. The end should justify the means by which you arrive at your destination, but will you be happy with who it is that you have allowed yourself to be(come)?
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