Sunday, April 13, 2008

Friend from Faux

When you see a stranger pass you by what do you see in them? How can you handle someones faith in your attention without ever wondering what makes them believe? I see the kindness in some peoples faces, in others I see a vacancy to noticing that there is someone human in front of them that may need a restoration of faith. A friend that may require a reminder to cultivate and stay strong.

We all need to have our brains recharged at times. We all fall and have the right to ask for help. Some are willing to help themselves without the consideration for others. Some are conditional about when help is applicable to their charge of care. But others have the strength of believing in you and reminding you that there is no bad, there is only growth. They encourage that state of mind is seeing that you have the prize in your possession, though you must still find the tools to see yourself monumentally rise. They never forget who you are.

A real friend believes in you even when they can not help them see the beauty in yourself, they don't give up on you. A true friend should be adored as a privilege and granted the respect of a friendship. I'll remember, though others I just don't know anymore.
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