Monday, April 7, 2008

Dream Reel

I dreamt of you last night. I dreamt that we were holding hands and that we were as lovers are. We were a kaleidoscope of colours that had intertwined into a one eclectic stainglass marvel. I swear I could feel your kisses and remembered how sweet they were and how they melted my heart to pour love. I could see your beautiful smile. I dreamt that I was more than just a sentiment of a text message or an email from you and that you could no longer bear to have these bridges built between our continents. I dreamt of seeing you embrace me tenderly and tell me that I had touched you. I remembered and I missed you like hell, so much that I woke up several times throughout the night. I was wishing that somehow you were there with me.
But everytime these images flashed through the frames of my mind I was stirred by the waves of my unconscious mind and I rolled to see you, but you were gone. I just fell back over the other way and realized that you are no longer there. Un-do my sleeping mind which from time to time, makes me feel the pain of loosing you as if it were yesterday that I watched you leave. I am awake now and I just can't seem to concentrate or remember how long it has been that I have seen you. I try to drop the frames of pictures of you that are in my mind. I had a dream of you last night and so today, I think of you.
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