Saturday, April 12, 2008


You hide.
I open up.

I say I miss you.
You say nothing, afraid of what your words may mean to me, responsibility.

I tell you that I think of you everyday.
You tell me that life goes on and there is no need to look back and see or wrestle with the idea of the potential of what this could have been.

This is unlike any situation I have ever been in, nor I wish to be in again.
You still don't have the time, I still don't have a satisfying explanation that gave you a reason to say goodbye.

You work so hard everyday, but I was not enough to make you want to work for me.

You once told me that I was not ordinary, that I would always hold a place in your heart. But now I know that your heart has grown cold of me. Demoralizing, shattering my spirit and making me feel unlike myself. You just don't know how much this has damaged me.
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