Friday, September 7, 2007

The True Art of Conversation

To converse, is to reveal your in cling and capacity for knowledge. I stood on the street yesterday night, and decided to take a moment of silence. To take a moment within all the noisy chaos, cars honking, and just listen to others speak. Sometimes, I can find sweet salvation in a moment of pure silence. Similar to the joy I find in a precious moment between two hearts, that speak to another with genuine respect and compassion.

The art of conversation is near dead. Without sounding like a complete cynic, the amount of mediocre and dis-interesting thought that floats frivolously from the tips of our tongues, and falls out of our mouths, is most alarming. Does no one have anything interesting to say? Does no one have anything unique to present to a set of eager ears? I am eager to learn, am I alone? Sex, drugs, rock and roll. There is more to life then just what we see. A realm of feeling that we must awaken within ourselves. I often feel that many individuals are at a complete stand still in terms of creating a cavalry of sturdy and careful tammed words, to rope in to be part of their intellectual arsenal. My belief from observation, is that these individuals so often shy away from challenges in general. Therefore, often the loss and push to permit a conversation to be challenging and educational, is often trumped before it has even unravelled its colourful gifts.

Nowadays, our focus in conversation tends to pivot around things that revolve around our own existence, in the now. We do not tend to think about our neighbours, or even look beyond tomorrow. The hectic pace of life and the toll it can often take on our energies, is clearly consequential to the manner in which we so willingly, bow our heads in blind submission of ignorant and simply boring thoughts. We speak to others with sloppiness and with little conviction of passion.

Don't use words to be evasive. Don't use words to affiliate or cause damage. Open others minds to your experiences and opinions and allow others to do the same for you. If somone deserves and demands your attention, take notice and give them credit. The art of conversation is a rare and most rewarding interaction.

Speak your mind, make your choices in words carefully. Submit yourself to a moment between minds. Encourage the root of knowledge, for knowledge will lead you to harbour the greatest in all other powers. It all starts in our minds. Om shanti.
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