Sunday, September 9, 2007

Shut the Fuck Up

Hip Hop 101:

“In Hip hop music, people individually and separately vocalize over beats, instrumental tracks, usually consisting of repeated phrases. Hip-hop is considered an important development in the history of music because, for the first time, non-tonal aspects of speech, its emphasis and lyricism, are the most identifiable aspects of vocalizations. Also, syncopation and abstract rhythms are being used in ways never before. In addition, technological manipulation of sound is being used as never before. Hip-hop began as an idea during the 1970s, became a mainstream genre during the 1980s, and an internationally popular genre during the 1990s and 2000s. It is usually divided into three periods: Roots, Old School, and Golden Age. Most agree that the "golden age" ended during the 1990s. The current period is not yet named, though it is commonly referred to as New school hip hop.”

So being a huge fan of Hip Hop, I have been bombarded with the images that both 50 Cent (UGH) and Kanye West (UGH) have recently dropped new albums. Now the war begins. In fact, if you give a damn (frankly I don't), they will be battling it out on BET at 6pm, Tuesday. What the hell is wrong with these people?

Did we not learn anything from the senseless deaths of Tupac and Biggie? Enough feuding, you idiots! Why would an educated black man want to project the image of being a cocky mongrel? They claim it is about picking up the mic and battling it out over skill, but why do I not believe that is where it is going to end?
Shit, Foxy Brown just got her hearing aids snatched by Lil'Kim's crew...enough crazziness!

There is no evolution in these men. So 50 is street, who cares?! So is the crackhead woman that collects welfare cheques. Why doesn't anyone sign her and give her a voice?
I have not heard anything interesting drop from his shoot at nine times, brock-up mouth for years. In da club...come on people. Hip Hop or Crap Hop?

Kayne, on the other hand has some interesting and intelligent things to say. I can feel his flow, but the hubristic attitude he harbours is very unattractive. Maybe someone should pull the wire out of his mouth and remind him what it is to be humble to life. Cocky bastard. I like his clothes though. Just cause you look good, it don’t mean you right within. Uh-uh come again! Shoooooooooot! (Respect Lauryn)

So is Hip Hop dead? Yes and no. We still got some real brothas representing: Common, Nas, Talib. Hip hop has obviously evolved into the mainstream, like most under-ground, or street genres. Rather than being an empowerment voice for mainly African-Americans to deal with the struggle of survival of the street, now we talk about bitches and bling. Pastiche is a very interesting concept in music. The merging of white wealth and African American identity has allowed for the success of such artists as 50 Cent and Kanye West. Is it more about keepign it real, or making money bitches? After looking at these fellas, it seems more like suspending, then selling an image of what it is to be "real." Do we need to cater to the white people anymore? They already stole R & B with Elvis, why you have to go steal our tradition of Hip Hop too? Wasn’t Elvis ENOUGH??!!

I am now going to digress.
Amy Freakin Winehouse. Can someone get that bitch to rehab and tell her so stay there? If you recall, I was feeling her when she first came out. But now, through the enlightenment of a special friend of mine, I have re-assessed. As she put it, and I will now paraphrase:
"That bitch is the media for all the wrong reasons. What ever happened to the music? I am sick of people abusing their ability to reach people, after they receive a record contract."
Well put, Miss Thing.
Someone needs to tell that girl to chill out and put the needles and crack pipe down. I have predicted that Amy will die soon--I think 26 is the magical age of martyrdom music deaths. No doubt, she is just a young and tortured soul. She writes about her realities, I can respect that. I still enjoy her, I am just getting agitated by the notion that we all stand by and watch her self-destruct. We are twisted fucks. I hope she can get her act together and continue on a path that involves evolution. Perhaps she can go from Rehab to Jerusalem? Who knows!

I am done now.
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