Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Opposition Elimination

Where did she go? The girl I use to be, who deep down inside was afraid of being free to dedicate herself to her dreams.

When I look in the mirror I can faintly trace the stains of the tears that have fallen from my eyes; there was a moment in time when laughter was a stranger and I felt riddled by deception and lies. I see now that it is not for me to judge others, I am simply responsible for myself. Practicing happiness is like freedom, it is worth so much more than anything trivial or wayward even at its best.

I always thought I had it all figured out - that the person I was was who I was destined to be. But for sometime now each morning and night I close my eyes tight, and I listen to my heart tell me that my past carnation has come undone - it is time for me to evolve and focus on myself for once.

What I know now is that my heart remains open and is full of such sincere love. I am getting past the past and I am moving towards a place where I can protect myself and not allow anyone else to leave me feeling distressed.

I am never alone because I have my furry babies by my side at night. They purr with such devotion and give me a reason to always try - because life has mostly been kind.

I am ready to put things in perspective and work hard to be a different type of me: finally I understand what it is like to survive by not putting up an invisible fight.
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