Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mature Soul

Action begets change, not reaction. For many years I had lived my life unaware of the forces of the Universe that surround me. Sure I had read many horoscopes and books on astrology, however I had not resigned my faith to not knowing what lay ahead for me, my destiny. I thought that if I would show myself to others completely, open my heart and goodness to those around me, surely I would receive happiness with security. This notion was flawed - I was lacking common sense, a more mature and learned outlook on life.

I have always been aware of the power of love as a driving force in my life, but today I recognize that it is much more sacred than I have given it credit for. I must adjust my perceptions, I must respect love with much more gentleness and tenderness, rather than throwing it out the front door to the highest bidder in my perceptions hold. When another forsakes me, when a change comes that leaves me feeling uncomfortable and confused, when a job does not appreciate me, I will always have love as my invisible cloak to pull me through adversity. Instead of harping on what is past, claiming myself to be a victim of external forces, I would rather be a gift to the world of a forever present faith.

Love is not only in me to give, it is in me to nurture my own being, my own happiness, my own curiosity, my own growth. People are not to control, lovers are not worthy of begging for affection - let it all go. When I close my eyes at night, I may not have a lover by my side, but that is not what truly makes me feel complete - I see for unwiser me, the idea of love was manifested through a lover, someone to share life with, my strength, my dreams. A more mature soul, now I know true love resides within the soul. A quiet, intangible awareness that even if things were to change and all securities stripped away, I could turn light inwards and remain in faith.

Now it is my turn to assimilate growth, to read, meditate and open the re-focused eyes of my heart.
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