Sunday, December 2, 2012

Limitless Love

I never knew the power of change until it all went away from me. All the false stability that I had accumulated to make me feel worthwhile was stripped from me. What was left were fragments of pathos prophecy, lingering like a haze of sorrow over me. Feeling overwhelmed and physically exhausted, at first I had no motivation to move beyond the pain and disappointment, the fear of change. A prisoner in my own mind, I flagellated my purpose in hopes of regaining myself.

Today I woke up feeling like a brand new woman. I no longer feel comfortable sitting in purgatory waiting for deliverance and purpose. I am ready to leave behind a carnation of me that was no longer wise for me to be, evolution has touched inside of me. I feel alive to a different energy, my sense of awareness and presence is no longer able to be stifled by invested expectations and little true patience. I have grown much braver than I use to be. No matter what disappointments await me in hindsight, I will close my eyes and soften the negative thoughts in my mind . Through my emotions run deep, I see now how they can lead me transiently away from potentiality. I will respect myself by not spending my emotions without total awareness that they deserve disclosure. I am not seeking desperate love anymore. You see, now anything is possible for me. I can now love much deeper, kiss much sweeter and became a more noble love priestess.
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