Monday, December 24, 2012


In life there are always infinite possibilities. You never know what is around the corner until you get there and really look. The temptation comes to possess yourself to feel safe. But self-safe consists of defining attachments to memories, and memories are mostly haunting and lingering. You are no apparition present from past moments. You can't change anything now even if you resist the penetration of the brand new you. Things usually don't go the way of control, chill the fuck out and close your eyes. Keep moving in faithful grace listening to your hearts cravings.

Desire myself. What is meant to be I am.

Amita Bhatt , DESIRE. DESIRE, oil on canvas, 2009.
The woman in the mirror stares back at me with every sensation. She has made mistakes but learned from each and every one - her soul stained like a wine spill on an antique rug. Inspiration may escape her in flighty thoughts, but the truth remains there is no road to travel except her own. The people met along the way will all come for a reason, even the ones that runaway. Deep inside they will feel her like a temptress at night. There is no mistaken she will be there conjuring up love's witchcraft, caressing her rotund and supple brown breasts under the cover of moonlight.
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