Monday, December 3, 2012

Giving and Receiving

I have spent my life very fixated on giving. That is to say, I have always felt compelled to share myself with others, my beliefs, my opinions and my feelings with an all access pass. Giving affirmed my identity and purpose. It was only until a few weeks ago in a conversation that someone asked me how it is that I receive from others: I was stomped. Sure I have an abundance of love in my life, sure I am grateful for all that I am blessed with, but I had never thought of myself as needing to receive. I had always stimulated my own needs and growths, but I began to see that perhaps this approach was flawed. I then understood that I needed what I deserved in order to keep fueling what it is that I had to share. What goes around comes around, what is given should be received thankfully and returned willingly.

In order to give you must receive. This law is as real as karma and dharma - the universe communicating from vessel to vessel through exchange. I must be willing to share my water with my brothers and sisters, but they must be willing to do the same for me - or we may both drown from thirst. I can now see that it is only natural that I have expectations of receiving what it is that I need to push me into awareness. Knowing the difference between what I believed I needed and what it is that I really do need has brightened the night sky.

Many of us live our lives with blinders on, unaware of all that signs that are staring at us in the eyes. A sign came to me that if I kept expending myself at the current pace, it would be no time before I would fall flat on my face with little ability to share myself with anyone at all. Energy depletion would be inevitable. You see, I have always truthfully given my willingness to give and I now welcome familiar spirits into my life, but now I need to learn to receive as well.

Too many humans go around draining others forces of life and give little in exchange. A few pretty words and a mason jar full of good intentions don't go very far. To receive the love you deserve you must give it equally, to acquire knowledge you must share it fruitfully. Eventually the truth will always find a way to you, as it does not hide. Abundance awakens through always balancing giving and receiving.
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