Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Soul Beyond Death

I have learned many things in my 28 years so far, in this lifetime. However I wonder how much of our knowledge we are able to carry-on from past (life) experiences? Let me clarify what I mean by this statement: I don't know if I take re-incarnation as a literal act, however I do think that our energy (soul) does live beyond the days of our bodies and leaves in impact on the things that we have come in contact with over a lifetime. This energy can also attract itself to new devices after death to take other living form(s) - whether a new body or a beautiful purple flower.

Like an apple sliced, I think the core energy of our being continues to survive beyond death, while little 'slices' of it remain to left behind in objects, people and spaces that you had filled when you were alive in all your carnations, and felt a strong connection with. This could be a reason why people say after a love one is deceased, that they continue to feel that person's presence.

No matter what religion you come from, even if you don't believe in re-incarnation, I wonder if you think this could be true? What do you think?

Have you ever seen someone that you swear you have seen somewhere else? Have you ever felt eerie when you entered a certain place, but were not sure why you were feeling this way?

I believe that we will live forever, not in life but in spirit.

To those I love, I give a little piece of my soul to always remember, Parul Pandya.
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