Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lady Liberty

Get me through the day.
You don't know who I am when you stare at me with such repair.
I neither need to be fixed, nor do I care to hear the empty words that fall from your forced smile.
Why do you fear me? Is it that I have something you disapprove of, do I make you feel uninterested?
Open your mind to me and you may find that I have a very strong point of view, that I am someone beautiful and full of worth bricked in knowing the truth.
Numbers crunch to tell that I am incorrectly balanced, that humans are scientific creatures trying to survive in a human world.
Sell me your soul and I will grant it the access to fall at my feet and be lifted.
I will not let my spirit fail me, so believe in me.
I will go my way and you are welcome to come with me.
Let go.
The best person you can be in still in store.
Rise up. Free.
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