Sunday, May 30, 2010

Moth to a Flame

5 DAYS ON, 2 DAYS OFF. It had all become tedious at the hands of the controller, the rules, the rules. When she came to realize where she was in the line, finally it came to thought for her to look back and realize how many also stood in line with her.

VOTE HERE: When one reaches the counter one is to pick up a slip. There are 4 boxes, 3 of which are irrelevant (to make belief that there is a choice). The one that is appealing says "Sell your soul for something unknown." Check it. X it.

She had always sat thinking about love. What was all this talk about seeking oneself within the crowd? Sometimes life could feel like a curse when she thought of the load that sat on her petite, slightly invisible shoulders.

Crunch assignments into a timeline that would make it possible to market brainwash as appealing - think Lady Gaga glam meets Nazi propaganda! The site would be remarkable. Do it.

Crashing. She needs a fix. Coffee? The same stale faces each day. 10:01am she made it an hour through the day. 1:42pm left. 3:38pm right. Collectively she sinks with them beneath the sun to explode quicker. They turn down the light of an already down fading star. Glamor comes to those only with youth and white skin or light skin.

Fitting in requires standing out as the same. The same old. The same old.


"Sorcery! She's a witch, burn her! Can't you see, she temps them with the thoughts of orgies, fornication, illicit fucking! Her breasts are soothers that lay on many mouths to make them believe that their male units require the attention of such a devious, carnal, evil woman's company."

Her redemption song comes in the form of endless love, delivered in the heat of the precious, strong and nurturing woman laying on the pasley pillow next to her each night. The universe feels alive, she feels this love of hers everywhere, so much.

"I am guilty, I am guilty of laying with my lover with such satisfaction, feeling every crevice of my body feel thick with wetness from the simple thought of her. I am guilty of sucking her rosy breasts with my eyes closed to see a world unseen birth in my mouth, each suck making me addicted to her spell over, under and in me."

"Fuck me baby, don't stop, please I beg you. I am a victim without your love to call my own. Take me over. Set me on fire."
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