Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nature City

1920 Toronto, Queen St. from Old City Hall

Sit and reflect all that you knew you thought you knew. Spring brings with it such a height of symphony and the town where city is in nature. Charcoal birds with turquoise beaks flying above the streetcar, and the bell it rings. Silence falls on the dusk like dawn when your skin scoops a coco feel of smooth brown butter.

I am not meant to live outside my comforts necessity, the Bible swore to be such a conveyor of the truth. I am told by gossip and control and all religions said something (including those Christians) about charity and kindness - I do not need a religion to define my faith.

Air passes through space with memory of feeling touched with ocean coolness. Kisses of flowers nibble of my nose leaving an itch even after taking allergy medicine.

It is funny how the richest in tongue and mind are often the ones who die without ever being recognized for their virtue.

Paris Hilton, hiccup. Burp.

The sky peels into vision as the site of a marmalade bee hustles by looking for human flesh.

Fear let it go. Panic, let it pass.

The noises of the city have to fade in order to get in touch with nature.
The city reminds me why I keep my game tight and my mind infinite.

Green grass burn.

Blazing through the traffic lights like no one is worthy of passing you. Eyes of a curious onlooker feeling the sensation of your thigh and you realize that all is all.
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