Sunday, September 21, 2008

Surface Risings

Scrap the surface of your mind to find, that if what you do is really worth your time. Follow through with that which really matters, not things that give you the temporary excuse to act within a hectic gratification, with nothing real worthwhile in true satisfaction. Follow the signs - they are there as you walk by. When you see them and you have chosen to ignore them - don't turn to me and say that you should have known all along, but your eyes were sealed shut. Choose to change for the less, if you want to be anything less than the best. Hang your head with fluctuating intentions - you will not find me waiting for your kind of intentions.

Don't ask for help unless you are committed to making your life better and stronger. Don't ask me to be your friend if you can't give me that which I give you. I am fed-up, so sure of what it is that I deserve.
I am not your shadow anymore.
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