Monday, September 8, 2008

Love Inside Me

Fall from the pieces of my worship of your Queendom and allow me to grasp the magnitude of force you bring into my power.
Softly, nestled, close against my bosom, I will love you as though you were the last drop of water to nourish the merciful ocean that sustains life by feeding the shore of the Motherland.

You speak to me and I begin to melt into a heated frenzy of...of...irrationality. I'm so damn crazy, I can't help but feel so damn crazy. I pace in and out of my breath. You have captured the butterflies of my stomach within the reflection of your blushing demeanor. Your skin glows to show the colour of your most intimate organs.

Linguistic lips. Imagining the words I would say to you, though you are standing just there.
Silence makes you look immaculate, unreachable - like you are a mystical muse from a land beyond the reach of any imagination.

My hands wrapped around your sides. I wish to stand beside you and watch how beautiful you are when you move through my visions of something pure and true.
Powerful hips, sway with me, shake low with me, move for me.

Out of mind came desires. I planted the seeds of my desires, I have watered them with the sentiment of my belief in only you.
I watch you grow for me. I am here to protect you.
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