Tuesday, September 23, 2008


How does the world work in such comedic ways? It just does. If I knew that I suppose it would take away the thought of a good, spontaneous laugh!

Got one for you. I have become every lesbian stereotype, brought to life! I am currently a fix-it-dyke!

Impressive Improvements. That is our case. I would say that I am a quick learner- I am. I am given tools to insert, install, spread and rip out. This sounds like a Sunday at home for me. *W*

Remember, I am doing work that is strenuous on a 5'3 person! I am gaining an appreciation for listening to my music and singing up a storm, while engaging in fix-it tasks. I must say I look cute with paint on me.

My first assignment; priming until my fingers bleed. Somehow this feels quite amusing to me. I have never really taken on any jobs that involves physical labour (does walking from one side to the other of Silvercity Mississauga, my first job, count?).

I will be every woman's dream! I can build dreams with my two hands, like All For One. Ouch my shoulder hurts and my legs are tender. The hope is that I don't fall apart, and to use this dyke-sona to keep the writing dream alive!! HOLLER!!
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