Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cocaine---Goes Straight to Your Brain

I will not lie. I smoke pot. Every now and then I party the night away, thinking lights and sounds are coming from a spaceship and lifting me to the clouds of happy drag queens. But over the past year or so, I have noticed the heavy resurgence of one particular drug-coke.

Much like the problem usually starts, this is a habit that seems to be out of control, and is more destructive then sparking a simple dewbie. It is everywhere, in the gay world and straight world, among the young and old.

Now I am not writing this to be preachy, or to even judge. In fact my only hope is to bring awareness around this drug and the irritations in causes in peoples moods, and the erratic it inspires in behaviours. I have never touched it, nor will I ever touch it. In fact a close friend of mine battled with a heavy coke habit years back, and we almost lost out friendship over this white powder. The changes in her actions and her withdrawn nature was enough to put me off from even a curiousity.

The problem is that most people nowadays seek escapism. But coke is too quick a fix. The high is hard and quick, and that causes you to go back for more and more. In fact you have to do more to prevent yourself from feeling worse then before it first hit your system.

One more line, two more lines. I am not willing to put myself on the line. Coke does not make you cool. Coke does not take you back to a time and place of glamour. Coke is as ugly as the habit it creates in you. Like any hard drug, I think coke is such a dangerous habit because those who are on coke do not understand how much grief it causes loved ones. I have seen coke fuck people up, away and down.

I suggest keeping your nose out the white dust and focusing on a habit that is healthy, as opposed to self-destructive. If you can't stay up, go home. If you're bored, go home. If your over it, GO HOME!!

Please be safe and party responsibly.
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