Sunday, July 6, 2008

WrItInGs On tHE WaLL

You can not underestimate the power of yourself.
You can control your circumstances by taking control of your reactions to your desires solidified outloud. Pain is elementarily built into our cores but our ability to have compassion seems like a bad translation of a foreign porno that is dubbed and reveals a bad director. I mean the words, sounds. Images. Images.

I like to watch how people react to themselves when they wound you. I can't find you likable if I am not on your side. When you are in need of the understanding you deserve, you can be shaken by how alarmingly quick you can see someone hastily get rid of you. Once you mattered, now you don't. Do you really know who cares for you? I'm learning to. I told you I am boss, first.

We all choose to be who we are. I choose to be my own boss and find my way through the long trails of hidden and lost and re-lost treasures, endless murky obstacles that seem to lead me in dizzy circles and with bleeding moments of fragments that lead me to feeling loved...disoriented. But not unsexed.
I am a woman. I can not be that which I am not. My body does not give me restrictions, it gives me endless possibility. As the sun rises in the moon's sleep, I can bare a life through the width of my hips in 360 sets and rises. I will exemplify my glory beyond the perfection I thought was my future.

Though at times I get scared, there is no reason to be afraid. If I am to be destroyed, I will be. If I am meant to succeed, I shall. But nothing will stop me from being.

The trails grow familiar, the obstacles are anticipated, fresh blood leaves you remembering of the potential of having love and happiness all at once. True love. True happiness. Illusion is the most visible ghost. I see the signs.
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