Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lake Ontario....OH HELL NO

Would you go swimming in Lake Ontario? That is what I want to know. My personal answer is HELL NO. There is something off putting to me about the colour of the water which looks like years of rubbish spillage and pollution have taken its toll on on one of North America's Great Lakes.

I was watching the news today and they reported that they has closed off an area of water as unsafe, along the Lakeshore. I think that is about enough for me to not ever want to go in the water again (not that I have in years). When I think of the kind of water that I want to swim in and pretend that I am Ariel or a dolphin, I think of a blue-green colour of l'aqua with lovely trees and flowers surrounding my view. A beach. Yes a beach. Not man made, but natural. Maybe I have seen too many Royal Caribbean commercials, but people you won't see me jumping into a gangsta's paradise. I would rather swim in a kid-pee, public pool!

Now I am not an expert on bodies of water, nor am I able to really say what condition of water is really "safe" to swim in. But regardless of whether this water is safe to swim in or not, I can not get past the odour of stench along the Lakeshore on a hot summers day. Honestly it is offensive. For those who don't leave Toronto, I say take a trip along the QEW West on a 40 degree day and you will know exactly what I am talking about when it smacks your nostrils like fowl roadkill. Gross. I feel bad for any of those poor souls who bought condos along that area and will probably never be able to open their windows for a breath of fresh air.

I am aware that there is a difference between an ocean and a lake or river. I would still rather cross and ocean, before a lake or a river. So the choice is yours but you won't catch me taking a skinny dip in Lake Ontario. The fear of growing an extra limb or turning white is too frightening for me to get past.
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