Saturday, July 19, 2008

Milky Rain

"Ya baby, keep your ass right there. You look so fucking sexy when you are loose like this. On your knees, dipped down low. Your stomach pacing in and out. Fuck I want you so bad. I just wanna..."

I saw her looking at me, peering so weakly at my control, the top of her head rested on the Egyptian cotton sheets as if she were trying to do a headstand. I watched the muscles of her stomach tighten and loosen and imagined what it would be like...what it would sound like when she released her sweetness on my face.

"I want you to cum. But not yet. Do you understand. First I wanna fuck your ass. Are you okay with that?"

Her legs shook wildly and she looked like she was in between ecstasy and trauma. She nodded obediently. Her elbows rested on the bed. Her hands gripped the sheets as if she were holding on for the ride of her life. I licked my fingers and traced around the edge of her ass crack. I could feel her tense. Her ass tightened its hold on me.

"Relax," I said. "I am not gonna hurt you. I just need to hear you squirm the sound that can only be released when you let me enter the forbidden passage to reach deep inside your secret, sacred zone. I want you to feel as though you want to scream and cry. Fuck baby, you don't know how much I want to fuck you in your tight ass."

I pushed her ass forward and she fell messily on to the bed, stomach first and slammed her head in the pillow. "No, no, up you go," I said. She obeyed.

She seemed more intent this time. She aroused up and this time with a grunt she said, "fuck me now from behind NOW" I was so damn agreeable. I licked my finger and tingled it like a Christmas bell and the edge of her asshole. She sounded pleased, I like that. I slowly slid it into her, slow and first, but gained stride like a marathon runner on her last leg.

She began to rock with me, slow and faster and faster. I grunted and I lost control. "Fuck ya," I said. Profanities slipped from my mouth like a dirty trucker who spits too much. I took my hand and wrapped it around her thigh, holding her so tight, I closed my eyes and felt her ass slap against the skin of my stomach. I lifted her up higher, as I slid the second finger in. She may have thought that I was trying to please her, but this was not the only desire I felt. I could feel the drip of my pussy start running down my leg and I wanted her ass to kiss my creamy extract.

"I am so wet baby. I want to take you there. I wanna feel your ass smash against my pussy. I want my juice to drip down your ass into your crack and I want to taste it," I murmured in dire need.

At this point I could have ripped her apart and it wouldn't have mattered. She was mine and I was hers. I thrashed my brown skin against her beautiful copper tone. She screamed my name and said "ooh baby, more, more! I want you to live inside of me."

When I felt the mixture of our juices combine on her ass, I knew it was time to blow her mind. I stopped fucking her and pulled my fingers out. I pushed down on her ass and stretched out her shaking legs. I told her to rest. I watched her lay there and I felt so content. But I wanted to devour more of her. Her and me, I was craving the tasting of our sweet wines combined. I slapped her ass lightly and she flinched. She shivered and flayed ever so still.

I kissed in between her thighs, but she tried to resist but pushing them close. I did not allow her to do this. I pushed her wide open again. I leaned down to smell her. She smelled like a combination of cotton candy and sticky sweets. Now was the time.

I took a breath and I went in for what I wanted. I licked her ass, first in one quick motion. She shook and freaked out. The taste was on my tongue and I wanted more. I wanted her all over my face to outline in white the shape of a dirty smile. I stuck in. I ate her ass for what seemed like hours, pulsing my tongue in and out, spitting and gulping her up like orange juice in the early morning. Now she arrived. Now.

She collasped even deeper. She lay still, I looked when I could glance a quick peek in my disorientation and her eyes were closed. Her body was experiencing some sort of possession, her face was in deep prayer. She begged for more and more. Eventually I returned to the cats den and licked her from bottom to top and top to bottom.

I looked over to see the time. 4:38am. I had to stop, my jaw could not open anymore.

"Wow baby, look outside," I said. "I think it beginning to rain."
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