Monday, June 16, 2008

Bollywood Gets Nailed? Indian Sexuality in Philem

But not so much. Almost but you must remember Indian modesty. I would like to share this "Bolywood Borno" with you. View and I will continue...don't read until you have seen it. Watch all of it! Trust...

I think that is the raciest thing I have ever seen come out of a Bollywood sex scene. Though there was no engagement of sex at all...hmm... there was still contact that involved a tattooed up Indian stud-man in the real! Idiot guy didn't pounce on Aishwarya Rai the bonafide Indian goddess. I would follow her to the end of the world.

Evil Auntie:
But a good Indian vomen phorm, she does not just go on and kiss boys so easily! No...instead she ignores eye contact and instead touches him Kama Sutra styles...with affection, to please him. But in return, she vas feeling pleased as vell. I felt like that once. But not vith your idiot uncle!

(okay I AM distracted. Aishwarya is hot)

Evil Auntie continued:
However as an outstanding Brahmin citizen, I vill tell you with much pride and some sort of hidden shame that I am vanting more racy touching scenes. Sexy, sexy good times. Boy meets gul, gul looks at boy with that kind know the way a boy looks at a girl vhen he is fond of her. Vhere is my Kanu, phone is ringing! My hair iz is not looking as puffy as it should. I told you vun hundred times...don't just run around making a fool out of yourself. I have learned, that is vhy I have a stripe in my hair. See! Don't just go around chasing boys and forget about your studies! Mama paid alot for those studies!
Eya Owe Julde! Bes ja! [Come here quickly! Sit down!]

I get carried away sometimes, sorry I am back. I give Miss Hotty-Rai the award: "Best Indian Girl That Almost Looked an Indian Man in the Eyes and Got Jiggy-With it, Almost." Congrats!!

For many years I watched Indian women and men kiss like I did when I was 6. I was a little advanced for my age some say (I know who you are--I have ways to silence you). I suppose that I do appreciate my culture in the sense of having a innate cling to colourful expressionism, for me it is hard for me to see sex any different than colour. Or I am just horny by nature of my vessel and now as an adult I have choosen sex as personal power rather than a religiously controlled conformity to compromising facts. Women turn me on, so I did appreciate the feminine nature of this innocent interactions, and while I romanticized while watching classical Bollywood moments I saw (classic to me, not my parents maybe--does Kuch Kuch count?), I was continuosly exposed to suppressed and repressed notions on sex in Bollywood film and such vibrant visions of sex in Indian languages and arts. I wondered if any brown people could put their hand in a pose where they needed to be expressive.

I became the traditionally unbalanced person I am today! Luckily I found out what going down was on my own and I also have had some moments that have made time stand still in the elegance of perfection in what a feeling. Bollywood is an escapism from poverty and an industry as rampant as Hollywood, with sprinkled beautiful moments. We all try and run away from ourselves and dream of being better looking, having more family pride, having a big-ass house, having rich parents and falling in love, being happier. Bollywood is not different than Hollywood in that respect. There are still notable films coming out of both nations, but can Bollywood put its mouth around the rim of sex on film cannister? It maybe a tough one to swallow. Aside from Evil Auntie, there is also Pious Mami.
Figure it out yourself.

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