Thursday, June 26, 2008

Alicia Keys @ 2008 BET Awards with New Jack Stylez!

My friend Randy sent me this and I fainted!! Here is my love with my favourite girl groups of all time!!!

1)SWV be those sistahs with voices for real. However this time they left there ghetto hoops and 17 inch nails at home (0: So good that I felt weak.
2) En Vogue, the original funky divas lay it down in their portion and we see Dawn Robinson's return to sing with the group without anybody getting beat down, or weave lashed! This is a miracle people-- it has been a long time since they have sang together as the original unit.
3)TLC. You can clearly feel the absence of Left Eye from TLC-- always missed and never forgotten. But T-Boz and Chilli do their thing. TLC 4ever!
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