Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Somewhere along the way I forgot that you no longer make me feel good. But now I remember when I see you and I can be me/strong again. The one for me would not lie to me, look into my eyes and fall for her own cold disguise. You disrespect me by allowing a stranger to stare at me when I speak with you. Who do you think you are? I can see you shuffle and squirm—you are lame. Be a woman and stand for yourself, isn’t that what you are trying to learn to do?
I gave you my time, you say that I am still angry—this is not true. I see things for what they are and I will not let you hurt me anymore. I frustrate you.

You can not handle that I have the power to move on, so you pushed me like a child that can't handle the truth. Do I provoke you, am I stronger than you appear to be? Don’t get me wrong, it was not easy. I cried so many nights with my soul at my side, dead on the inside. Now I see you and I know that love is blind. I would never receive you the way that you treat me. I gave you my love, my attention, my care, my heart, my family and my mind.
You have the audacity to say that I did not give you what you needed.
What you needed was to go be a whore. I am not your whore.
What you needed was to go seek worth in things that are superficial and easy. I am not superficial, nor easy for you to handle.
You do not deserve to have me in your life because you can’t admit that you were wrong to let me go the way that you did. You always took care of you, you never looked out for me. You are all that you came to see.
What you needed was to be free; now in all your freedom you are one lonely star. Alone. You.
You continue to fall for your own disguise, I remember that I possess the strength to honestly survive.
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