Friday, June 20, 2008


Sometimes I want to run away and just sit under the sun and forget about all that I believed in that failed me.
I do not feel sad about things that have passed but I remember them. I know that it is harder to be pure than it is corrupt; one occasion calls for focused thoughts in a process and the other makes things easy. Throw a dice and look at the face on the coin to see the value of the debt you are about to seal.

Suffering is a part of life. Though it is unpleasant we can do nothing but live for the living. March around in endless circles, but keep your feet going at a pace. Come on baby its not time to be a ghost.

If you see me and see the value of my worth, I will smile at you with arms stretched openly at your coming. I will fall at the grace of your beautiful smile and become your lover fool.

I have seen long tables full of stretched faces falling asleep and pretending that they care. I have heard the sound of a strangers voice penetrate into the lobes of my ears with utter demand. I have scmoozed, I have entertained, I have charmed and I have made you ever so curious about my mild condition of emotional diaspora- my vein fascination with myself.

If I open the chest of magnificent mirrors that I keep tucked away deep inside my secret place you can find that I am... Many have called me an old soul, but I say it is from my soul that I reside in my head.
.don't give up.
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