Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wisdoms of the Tall Trees

The wind blows, as to silence the beating of my unsettled heart. I lay a blanket down, slowly lay my body against the roots of growth that lay hidden under the blanket. I light a cigarette and think. I think…. One….two…three…four…
As I glaze into the stars that seem to rest so peacefully in the clear sky above, I realize a bittersweet constant. Nothing, that is ours to hold, is ours to keep. It is only through the choice of free will, that we are able to discover the laws of infinite attraction (mind, body, soul [energy]) and a lasting journey or endeavor.

We are all adorned with facets of beauty and corruption, but the manner in which we lay this balance in our mind, body and soul [energy] in our choice. Karma is a universal law. Much like the gentle caress of the rain will benevolently will the trees to grow taller and wiser, what goes around will come around. It is not only a matter of timing; it is also a matter of time before you get that which you deserve. We are often led to believe that we are connected, but the truth is, not many of us really wish to understand another’s path, or another’s dreams. It’s a shame we so often, can’t connect.

I can feel the faces of the trees, all unique in twisted character, sternly gazing at me. I stare back, not feeling intimidated, but to tell them that I am listening. I am seeking the universe’s guidance now. I am ready to listen. I wonder if these marvelous trees understand my overwhelming intentions, my error in judgments at times, my submittal to all the pain/emancipation that love can bring, my undying quest for knowledge and to fulfill and understand myself.

This is my time to wander through the grey woods alone.

My displaced heart and my instinctual mind will be the only ammunition to ward off all the dangers that linger in the mask of darkness. The wind will be my guide, as I trust that if I close my eyes, she will still remain a silent power to guide me on my way. I relinquish myself to your instinct in me.

I watch the way in which they sway with such flexibility and precision. They have been bent at their limbs, faded through seasons, from the grace of their most colourful metamorphoses. But somehow, there bark remains stern and protective, their leaves delicate, nourishing, and integrated with veins that run life to their cores. A strong heartbeat.

We cannot cherish and protect another before we cherish and protect ourselves. With an open mind, we can only achieve an open heart. Freedom allows for all thoughts, intentions, and emotions to go astray, linger in suspension, or hide. All is free. The power of attraction is elevated to its highest platform when you are unselfish to the journey that is ahead. The challenge is not allowing our disappointments, failures, broken hearts and wandering spirits from destroying our strength of survival. Mourn and let go. We are all traveling through the forest of life.
We see trees that have been damaged by the sheer nature of standing tall and surviving, through the angry lashes of natures unpredictable atmospheric alterations. The most confusing understanding in life and death, is the infinite power of love (given and received).

The loss of someone you love is more damaging to you then the wound of a bullet, that has glazed your heart. We mourn, because we know that life must go on. But we do not feel equipped with the sensibility, strength and wisdom to relinquish the pain of suffering. Do not allow anyone, or anything, to lead you into a dark valley of mediocrity. Find your way through the forest… watch the signs as they go.
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