Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Being consistently overhauled by the seeds of one's (another's/loose) convictions, it is hard to loose our energy to something that is enticing, but yet not cradling acceptance with the will of our convictions.

Getting caught up is easy because it flirts with the desires of our convictions. The level of fragility, honesty, spontaneity, hopefulness, kindness and humility you can experience is quite a thrill in a rush. The sensation of deliciousness, just like a sweet body grinding, "Time Life: Soul Sessions Vol I," session you may have with your stereo; If you are not able to remain connected, without feeling alienated, dis-respected or disappointed in the energy that once enticed you. You can no longer feel maintainable to feel at your best.

You can fail yourself, which is the most difficult self-assault. You can fail another, which is painful manageable. You can fail your place in the world by playing it shy to the truth of your convictions. I am not about bull shit. But I get caught up desires, just like you. Maintaining a balance of your desires and greed is a tricky line. Have you ever wanted something so bad that you could do nothing but adore it, apply intelligence to understand its behaviour. The will of conviction can be tangible. Conviction is revealed through the application of learning/teaching it.

There is a mess of noises that silence our ability to stay in tune with ourselves and what it is that we now deserve. Understand this process of acquiring/emulating convictions. There is no time to waste in growth. Don't get bolted frozen.

What do you believe in? What is it that you have to give?
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