Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Window Whispers: Confessions of an Early Teen, Phillipino, Young Girl

Sometimes you can't help but smile. I was sitting and plugging away at my "serious" blog entry, prior to this one. This is what I heard:

Unknown Girl #1: "Come out, come out! Mariah has a confession to make."

{Unknown Girl #2 goes to the window. She is now ready to listen to Mariah and Unknown Girl #1}

Unknown Girl#1: "Come on Mariah, tell her!"

Mariah: " Ummmm...ummmm..."

Unknown Girl #1: "Do it!"

Unknown Girl #2: "Just tell ME! Come on!"

{Mariah voice, to the listener (as the is no visual available on-screen), is hesitant. Unknown Girl #1 is fed-up!}

Unknown Girl #1: "Mariah kissed a girl and she liked it."

Mariah: "Yah I liked it."

Unknown Girl #1: "Yeah she really liked kissing the girl and she likes her boyfriend."

Too fucking good. Appreciate the laughter of youth and learning. I have perhaps heard the confessions of a young woman who finds pleasure is crimson in clover with some yum-she. I will blaze a torch, to usher in a generation of lady lovers, gladly!

Warning: Mariah, don't tell me I didn't tell you, "bitches be craaaaa-zy!"

I hope you, as I, wish Mariah the ability to seek her inner Mimi. You may take that as you wish. Break-breakdown...(MC fans will know what I am sayin!) To the woman that becomes her! Good luck Mariah...anytime you need a friend, I will show you how to make it happen.

Oh to be young again! Maybe Mariah just likes kissing. It could be true. Or maybe our Filipino Mimi has butterflies. Another lover of the ladies!
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