Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Love honestly, it is the only way you can live a honourable life. Love completely, even if you are afraid of being hurt. Only the failure or disappointment of love can make you feel such a severe pain, that you can not catch your breath or pace your heart. Lonely nights, tears that never stop flowing, visions of dreams that will never come true. Visions that seduced your heart and mind into believing you now had a place to call your home. Someone to love you through the fading of time, desperation of pain and stand by your side. Someone who would always put you first.

Through watching our dreams go up in flames, we are reminded of our humanity, fragility and true desires. We must love with all we have, so that if we loose someone from our lives, we feel lost, confused, empty, scared and abused. Fighting to find faith in a true love that is as consistent with you, as you are with it. Winded, painful withdrawal that makes you feel you have already died one-thousand deaths. Maybe one more and you can rest in peace. Just maybe.

We must remember to share our dreams with someone who respects that you are opening your heart to them, because all you can do is let them into your soul. You long for them. It hurts without them by your side. It is not bad to dream of a future with your lover. Through all the pain that love can bring, what can you do if you are so in love with someone? You are lost at the site of them, overjoyed at their presence, fulfilled when you hold them close to you at night. You cherish every waking moment you have to call them your lover.

Visions of your future, wrapped in the dreams of love, family, a place to call home, laughter, sweet love making, growing together,experiencing the world hand-in-hand; all fade into black.

Don't let your kindness, generosity and nurturing side become the staple of the relationship. You only deserve that which you give so willingly and tenderly. If you are ready for love, you will always comfort, assure and tend to someone when they are sick, low, scared or sad. You will be gentle and always remember that they have placed their heart into your hands. Take good care of anothers heart. They trust in you. But will and can they do the same for you?

I will not allow my dreams to be swept away, even though right now my spirit is broken. I wonder why it is that love can be taken for granted, when every moment you spent with someone was done with the compassion of beauty and in the essence of love. Hold on to what you got and never let go.

The words that they said, go around in your head...still. Now we, the broken-hearted, try to reject ourselves from this despair.
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