Monday, April 30, 2007

MARY-JANE, Mistress for Life

Bumpin the trunk, with the windows rolled up....PuFf!

Shooooooot! As the weather heats up, I can't help but smell the scent of wholesome goodness, wherever I go. No, I am not referring to BBQing (though that too smells delicious.) I am talking about my boo for life, Mary-Jane.

As I strolled the streets of the Gaybourhood yesterday, the smell was potent. So many people with small, squinty eyes were smiling at me. This makes me smile right back. There is love in the air!

The world would be a lot better, kinder and calmer if we all just partook in the occasional tokeology. Think about it. People would be far more bonded together through nature! Higher elevation! Sess or hydro, the basic formula leads to GOOD TIMES.

For many years, I have been aware that most of my friends are devoted to the puffin lifestlye. This was never an intentional kinship formation. It just seems to be the way it is. I don't look for pot heads, they sniff me out! Moreover, I have had some of my most revealing, enthusiastic and intelligent conversations with my peeps, when I have been high-flying, adored.

Now, I understand the counter-argument. Pot makes us fry our brain cells and for some, it becomes a silencing mechanism. I am aware that some of my memory capacity has declined from this sweet indulgence, but every action has a counter-reaction. Boozing eats away our livers, the sun fry's our skin, and eating excessively causes obesity. All in moderation, kids.

Sitting at "Roacharma," in Kensington Market, I realized the actual universal appeal and commonality weed bridges among people. Young, old, black, brown, black. Rockers and raggas...everyone smokes weed. If you have the opportunity, I would suggest taking a trip down to the "Roacharma," and blazing one in the back. It is a fun expereince and one of the only public places, in Toronto, ythat you can "legally" get red. Enjoy a tea and the company. PUFF.

So to a summer, I say cheers. Light one up and pass it over. Happy blazing!

Check out info on the Marjuana March:
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