Sunday, May 6, 2007

Destiny....I'm Gonna Look From Where You Call Me

Appreciate. It is simple to take the smallest things for granted. The clearness of a blue sky, the smile that forms across your lovers lips when you say " I love you", the laughter of children on the playground.

We are all faced with choices in our lives. These choices reflect not only your desires, but also your convictions. We make the choices we make based on our experiences. School exposes us to the various palettes of knowledge. We feel inspired, curious, outraged and often discouraged by the challenge it may present our minds. But we must not run at the sight of a challenge. We push through, not through choice, but determination.

Family allows us to learn the dynamics of a forming relationships and learning how to make them survive, unconditionally. We understand what it is to provide, to feel deprived, to feel anger, resentment. But also, we learn that nothing runs thicker than blood. We are merley a reflection of those around us. We either embrace them or reject their sustenance. Work teaches us to occupy ourselves and receive compensation through striving to better our skills, personalities. Monetary or personal, hopefully work is an environment that allows you o develop. Like school, it teaches us to dedicate ourselves to a goal.

Lovers allow us to unwind, break-free of all the hectics and ill-fate that the world has within its chaos. Laying in the arms of one-another, with mercy, compassion and vulnerability. You form a bond and you try to grow together with the best of intentions. You both merge into each others dreamscapes and reality fields. You learn to be strong through them and weak around them. It fills you up with joy in the present, and with hopes of the future.

Life may not be easy and at times, not even kind to you. But this is where your power lays: in your choices. You must be at ease with the knowledge that though it may not be easy, you have made a choices about how you act and behave towards your family, education,career and lovers.

If you can look in the mirror and tell me you like what you see, honestly, you are one of the few. Laziness and ignorance does not allow you to lead a life of fulfillment and joy. Rule your destiny, it is yours to create.

Don't get discouraged, get determined.
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