Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I am GOOD Enough, SMART Enough...and gosh darn it -- PEOPLE LIKE ME!

So kids, the last week have brought some positive energy my way! About freaking time -- I am not bitter!

When seeking a job, the process is most certainly: grueling, boring, uninspiring and painfully redundant. The idea of adjusting your cover letter, one more time, makes you want to take a pen and shove it deep into your eye. Goddammit, I have even got sick about learning about all my skills and qualifications!

So fast forward to last week. After a month and a half of aggressivly seeking interviews, I have finally getting some response! Out of the darkness and into financial light!! Lord knows those bills are not going to pay themselves.


So this week I have three (3) interviews lined up. Now my bigger picture questions lay with; what position is the best for me? For my future? To build and acquire new skills? To gave a genuine and positive impact in and on my life?

Here is a little of my 411:

My first interview was yesterday, was with a reputable marketing company. the position I interviewed for was Project Manager. This company has a very professional, client-oriented environment. [But don't cry for me Argentina--there are some young hotties, I checked!!] If I nail this position, I think that it will be a good and reliable position. Also, there is defiantly an ability to grow within this company, which is always a good quality for an ambitious person like moi!

This was my second interview with this organization. To tell you the truth, the first interview was off-putting. It was very cold and allowed me little room to talk. Hence, I was hesitant to return -- but now I am glad I did! Dust yourself off and try again!

My second interview, took place on the GO yesterday!! Not literally on the GO, but it was a telephone interview with the Toronto International Film Festival. This is for the position of a Scheduling/Volunteer Assistant. This was a preliminary phone interview, from which they build a list of candidates to call in for an interview...so keep your fingers crossed! The downfall of this position is, the pay is not great. However, having TIFF in your resume is not a bad thing! I would at least like to be called to interview for this positon -- so I can remember just how fab I am!

Lastly, tomorrow, I have an interview with the Art Gallery of Ontario. This is for the position and Membership and Volunteer Coordinator. This is one hell of an intimidating process. This interview involves and hour interview with a panel and a 1/2 hour written portion! Yes kids, no lie. If I managed to nail it, through the grace of the art gods, get this great opportunity, I would be thankful. For me to gain experience working in a gallery, is key to my future aspirations. One of my dreams is to work in Italy...at a galleria!! Perhaps the Uffizi??!!

Shoot for the stars, kids!

However, the image that seems to haunt my brain, is through a comment my brother made after I told him that I got the interview. "Everyone that works at the AGO has a bun!"

Nightmares of bad style, old white women and buns have been haunting me in my dreams for the last few nights. But one thing I have decided. Whether I get this position, is irrelevant. You can learn a lot about yourself through the process of interviewing for employment. Always remain confident in your skills, your uniqueness and your qualifications. I am sure that the competition will be stiff for this position. But one thing I have decided, I am gonna walk in there and own it.

Here is my aside. Being some one that was a former hiring extraordinaire -- here are my thoughts on the process, and how to handle it from both ends (candidate vs. company) In my opiion, this is what works:

-- Guide the interview, but allow the the interviewee to talk; generate a free-flowing conversation, in order to see whether the person is capable of representing your company in a enthusiastic and professional manner.

-- Try not to ask to too many canned questions. What are your strenghs, weaknesses? Think of something more interesting, kids! Those with great interviewign technique, manage to code these questions within a better thought out question(s).

-- Make eye contact and make the interviewee feel comfortable. There is no reason to make someone feel intimidated by the process of interviewing. People are always at their most productive professionally, when they feel comfortable in there environment. First impressions count on both ends!!

-- Allow someone who is personable and knowledgeable, to conduct the interview for your organization. Just don't judge someone on their qualifications in HR -- watch them interact with potential candidates!

-- Remain calm and confident. We are all tryign to sell ourselves, in one capacity or another. Make sure that you are able to communicate what it is that you possess, that makes you unique to any of the other candidates. Personality DOES COUNT!

Common sense, don't you think kids?? So wish me luck, to whatever the future holds for this little brown girl. I will let you all know what unfolds.

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