Monday, April 16, 2007

American Life....American Death

Today, 33 (final numbers are yet confirmed) students at Virginia Tech, were brutally gunned down.

It appears that a gunman killed at least one person and wounded several others at a co-ed residence hall at about 7:15 a.m. local time. Police responded to that incident and began investigating.

After the first incident was reported, the authorites made the decision to allow school activites to continue as normal. A fatal decision. Authorities did not believe that the school was threatned. In fact, it was speculated that the first shooting was a act of domestic violence.

About two hours later, a second shooting erupted at Norris Hall, an engineering building on the opposite end of the 1,050-hectare campus.

When it was all over, there were a total of 31 fatalities, including the gunman.

President Bush responded to this tragedy, by remarking:

"Schools should be places of safety, sanctuary and learning. When that sanctuary is violated, that impact is felt in every American classroom and every American community."

FBI spokesman Richard Kolko in Washington said there was no evidence to suggest it was a terrorist attack, "but all avenues will be explored.''

WAKE UP YOU IDIOTS! The war on terrorism is not in the Middle East. It is on your own doorstop. Any act that claims the lives of innocent individuals, is an act of terrorism. Stop pointing fingers, the blood is on your American hands. Red. Oklahoma City ring a bell?? Columbine?? America, the land of the free and brave?

America, America....FUCK YOU!

You have violated the trust of the world, of the principle of the humanity you claim to defend. You have money for wars, but you can't feed the poor (RIP PAC)? The American Dream is an illusion.

Instead of spending money on aiding falsified war efforts and defacing other nations and religions, why not protect the innocent citizens that live in your country? There are obviously accumulating signs over these past few years that scream that a multitude of middle American youth need guidance. Or at leat an avenue of support where they can go to express themselves, and perhaps avoid a violent demise.

Americans too, are victims of the disgusting and offensive decisions that George W. and his band of morons have made. Coercing a war abroad, does not justify ignoring the state of national emergency in your own country. The ghettos still exist, poverty, homelessness, unemployment and racial in toleration. The true fanatics are ALL those who still believe hatred and destruction is a productive solution.

What have we learned from history? I fear nothing. Nothing. We cheat, we lie, we steal, we destroy, we judge, we mock and we ruin. Presently, we are more destructive then ever before. Weapons that neutralize us into oblivion, planes and tanks that can run over us like rubage.

We don't cultivate our humanity. We live in the mask of comparing ourselves to the barbarism in the past and believe that we have come far. We have not.

We are all responsible for these students deaths and injuries. We have watched America neglect the cries for attention that its residents have been making for years. We are the ones who continually consume American culture in mass. We believe and fixate on Hollywood.

Hollywood is dead. Now so our these kids. Maybe we should all take a moment and reflect on realizing that this is the world we are going to bring our children into. Our generation needs to take a stand, educate ourselves and others. Respect all life. Violence is not a solution to anything. An education can be.

But the problem is cyclical: the poor can't access or afford education, and have to resort to "street" activities, just to get the bills paid and food in their mouths. Violence is not always a choice, sometimes it is a matter of survival. A survival tactic for the forgotten.
For those few who do get the chance to get an education, the safety of school walls is irrelevant. There is now a need to be protected not only from the outside, but also the inside.

WAKE UP, PEOPLE. This is the deadliest school shooting in US history. Are things getting any better?
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