Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spoken Words

Words are nothing without meaning All the moments that pass by without knowing the moment past. The last time a smile was exchanged between star-crossed strangers, last night when we kissed our children goodnight. That moment will never be repeated again. All the dulling moments that the hope of dreams coming true smoothly being upsurged by a firing squad of  spoken changes. Get up, shot down, get up, shot down. get up, shot down. Wounded. Say goodbye. Get up. People are listening. So many scars that cannot be hidden. Being introduced for so long as wife only to become a city-wide distant stranger, an ex-wife, or perhaps another testament that good girls always finishing last. Words can bludgeon spiritual presence and bodily worth if aimed to kill. Burn the witch. Every moment past can be destroyed by verbose excuses, pardon me and fleeing decree. Words are weapons and should not fall in to the hands of those that will misuse or abuse. Necessary truth should always take precedent over saying what seems comfortable. Then and only then one should speak.
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