Thursday, September 6, 2012

Melodic Flow

If you wanna listen to me flow, you will accept that I am not here to play games, in fact I am here to grow. If you reach within the seed of my grapes you will be nourished with bittersweet nutrients to appease your soul. Fear me, love me, I am my own to control. I will not be your fool, I will not be your whore, I will not be your wife, unless you strive to be full force. I will open your bright eyes to the mysteries that plague lost souls.

Like a iron lantern on an abandoned old street, I will burn to light ahead, but it is for you to chose a path or retreat. The pursuit of ambition and passion I need to see driven by your stirring hand, your ability to figure your own masterplan while uncompromisingly being firm in holding my hand. You see, I am not your average woman, consider it privilege to step in to my world. So many lost souls wandering without direction, turning the outside world cold. I am the protection from the past disappointments, the people that let you down. I will lay my body of feathers to keep you from impacting the ground, but will you catch me when I am down?

To you I can give the gift of love - open your heart to fill overjoyed and full of hope. Step into a future holding my hand knowing the secret that only you and I know. If you let your spirit be open to exploration with patience, I will be the one to guide you back to yourself - remind you that you are worth more than any material worth, unfaithfulness and distant thought. I am everything you need and more and as each moment continues to pass me by, I will grow stronger and learn to accept that which I am yet to know. Come grow or let go.
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