Monday, September 21, 2009

Galaxy Rest

The thrill that shakes her to move in motion is connection. The reckless nature that swirls around curls on the tips of her fingers decisions. When her hair begins to curl her mind feels more at rest to just letting go of the illusion of holding. The sun beams down on her as though a communication from another state of happiness. All is wholesome when she feels beauty surround her and the sparks of those she cares for with gentle compassion. When she clicks with others of her unusual kind she remembers that there is a reason she was made of craving for wisdom and courage and love.

The placement of the sky around the planets reflect a intergalactic relationship cherished between a heart and smile. Standing tall, hand in hand. A beautiful woman that held her heart once and a bright florescent light of the woman ahead of her now. Enticed, overjoyed she is while the water drops to welcome the sound of the universe being created and ended all at once. Still, everything is still in being set free like a wise owl that glides in hunt for its prey and freedom.

Piles of memories lay in a box, mountains exist as a test ahead of devotion and testament to believing in something our eyes cannot see. Her heart chooses not to bend, even though there are no guarantees.
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