Thursday, November 15, 2007


Relationships are hard to understand. The nature of feeling wanted and being desired in return. With time and the guidance of a willing hand will come a maturity to learning what a true relationship should carry in its formula. We all need someone to open are eyes sometimes. I tend to forget the gift of a true bond once it is within my reach, I become out of my own reach. I lose myself and can not be found. I must not repeat the same mistakes.

Another lesson learned.

Life is repetitive and can become redundant of the same old sentiments, challenges and socialization's. What I seek is someone who can challenge me to look beyond my weaknesses and be balanced out with my strengths. Ying and yang. If a mutual respect for one another can be attained and you both, with honest ability and kindness are able to see past the flawed sentiments of control and future illusion. You must build your dreams one block at a time. The future is now. Tomorrow will be a reflection of what you do today. Soar above any obstacles and always keep the fighting spirit of love and growth.

100 % plus 100%. Each party must give it everything. If you do not receive what you give in return, resign yourself with some level of integrity. Many people can touch your heart, but only the strongest of heart have the ability to grow and learn from another. Through the development of that education, you can really learn what a lover is.

Somewhere along the way I forgot that I am a good person, that I am deserving of happiness. But I also gained perspective on what I need to get to where I want to be and lead the life I want to lead. Always listen to those who care about you, the older the wiser. They can mend the span of your broken wings and encourage your personal journey above all the rain clouds of life. See and feel the glory of a beautiful sunrise, for life is too short to stand still alone.
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