Sunday, November 11, 2007

Alicia Keys Hits the Right Note...AGAIN

So good people. So good. Ms. Keys is back with her 3rd album entitled, " AS I AM." Again, Alicia chooses to sing and play about that which she yearns to understand and battles to believe in most; love. I know that love is not an original concept to write about, but Alicia Keys just does it so damn well. The first listen through of the album, I cried 3 times!

The album is a reflection and a voyage to gain insights into her quest for love. She does not speak of conquest, she only attempts to understand the magnitude in which love places a value in her life. I dig.

My favourite songs initially are, "Like You'll Never See Me Again," & "Lesson Learned."
How appropriate.

Alicia Keys is a gem in the rough. The purity of her emotion is impossible to ignore. She sings with passion, she sings with humanity and most of all: she sings from her seeds of her humble experiences. I highly recommend this album to anyone who wants to reflect, understand and re-affirm their commitment to finding a true love. Alicia's talent as a true prodigy of a musician and her talent as a leading woman of soul today is undeniable. This album gave me chills from beginning to end and the music speaks for itself entirely. Alica stays true to her Hip Hop roots and her classical training by mixing eclectic with the sound reminiscent of the greats like Aretha Franklin. Pure emotion.

Thanks for your honesty, Ms Keys.
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