Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Farewell, My Amor a la Mexicana! PREGGIE & TO BE WED!!

When I close my eyes, I have fantasized about having her as my wifie a thousand times over. Tantalizing curves, voluptuous breasts, an accent that makes you melt and get a little wet in-between your thighs. A sexuality that puts you at a stand still—ThunderpussGeisha is left speechless.

Of course, this oh so dykie intro is for my Mexican Goddess, Miss. Salma Hayek! I have always been drawn to Salma for two powerful reasons; her raw sexuality and sheer intelligence. The woman is not only a Hollywood powerhouse on-screen, being the wind behind such fantastic projects as “Frida” (which she brought to life with her then boyfriend, Ed Norton), but, also behind the scenes, as the Exectutive Producer of my favourite new T.V. show, “Ugly Betty.” I love me some Betty Suares!!
Salma is not only an Oscar-nominated actor, but also a international star! Great job Salma and America Ferrera for coming together, in all your ethnic goodness! America, you are Salma's muse--lucky bitch!

If you have read my post, “Ode to Angie,” you are familiar with my psyche and what I find desirable attraction to women. Brains and body baby! I’ll have a Salma with a side of Angelina and a Madonna on top!


So you ask, when did my affair with Salma begin? Let me tell you. I had always had a big crush on her, but after I saw “Frida,” it escalated into a level on un-earthly comprehension. As many that know me, Frida Kahlo is one of the women that most inspires me in life. So the idea of Salma taking on this role made me into a very happy guuurl! If you haven’t seen the movie, please do. It is really worth your time—it brings not only Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera to life, but Mexico during the Revolution.

Next, I saw Salma on “The Actor’s Studio,” for a candid and enlightening interview. Listening to this woman talk about Mexico, culture, sexuality, life, passion, food, clothing, art and love….MY GOD! She has a rare articulance and the words that she utlizes to express herself---you know this is a learned woman!

So now the news has come, SALMA IS TO BE WED & PREGNANT! Here’s the 411 kiddies:

The actress is engaged to businessman boyfriend Fran├žois-Henri Pinault. The sassy pair have kept a relatively low profile since their relationship began – though Hayek, 40, has joined Pinault for occasional public events. The snap shot to the side, was taken in April at the inauguration of the Pinault Foundation's Modern Art collection in Venice's Gritti Palace.

[“Venice, Mother, Goodess!” – Veronica Franco
Stay tuned for my articles on with VIP women is history.]

Pinault, who is 44, is the CEO of luxury goods firm PPR. PPR has ownership of such fab labels as Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. His father, Fran├žois, is an avid art collector owning more than 2,500 valuable pieces, including Picassos, Miros, as well as, works by many contemporary artitsts. Familiar on both European and American fashion and art circuits, the family fortune is estimated in excess of $7 billion. Cha-ching Miss Hayek, cha-frinkin-ching!

Well at least that the art will be gazed upon by the embodiment of divine beauty! Again, how the ugly man gets the goddess, I will never know??!! It could be because the size of his wallet, but I think Salma is far too good a human being for that. Either way, look out for these two, they look like they could defiantly become a Hollywood power-couple!
CONGRTAS SALMA! And Mr. Pinault, you better love that fine woman down!
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