Sunday, October 19, 2014

Wake Up Toronto!!! Mayor Race 2014.

I am catching up on the Mayor Debate on CBC from a couple night ago. Seriously and with all my fury I say, NO MORE FORDS. I resent LGBTQ people being referred to as an "special interest groups" when Doug Ford replied as to why his brother and him were the only two City Councillors that voted against funding for rainbow crosswalks. Let us not forget the lack of support the Ford's always managed to show for LGBTQ communities. Recall straight out homophobia on many occasions and activism against shelters being built to support LGBTQ youth, showing a a lack of compassion for our future, a safe space and maybe a little hope. The Fords attack Tory for being corporate, but they vision a Toronto were people are also left behind. This election has my blood running because I care about people. I care about creating opportunities, I care about diversity. I want a Mayor who cares about Toronto, not just with plans and talk. For me there is only one choice, but no matter what you do, don't bloody well vote for a Ford and slap anyone who would. Olivia is the only choice.

If you have not seen this and you are a voter, watch it!!! Toronto Mayor Debate, Oct 16.

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