Monday, October 6, 2014

Embracing Change in Your Life

I have been going through a  massive amount of change transformation for the last few years of my life. While this process has been relentless and challenging on many levels, I think change comes as a natural precursor to transformation. What intrigues me the most when I think about my experiences is just how much the situations that I have lived and reacted too, have taught me about myself and my behaviours , that in some areas, demanded fashionable adjustment. That is, if it came down to a fundamental reality, as harsh as it may seem, in order to survive the ups and downs of life, you must trust that everything happens for a reason.

Both you and I, him and her, them and us, experience change in a constant flow and the sooner we accept change as a companion, rather than an enemy, the greater appear the chances to conquer perceived limits. I know for me at times, I have gone through debilitating anxiety that bred the fear of extinction, Borg assimilation! While in reality, I have been only a constant survivor, unique in form. How about you, how tough are you on yourself? When you look at your track record, what would it look like if it were a resume? What would happen if we all worried a little less and had a little more faith in ourselves? I feel confident on placing the bet that many of us would be doing something different than what we are doing now, in love, in relationships, in careers and in health.

What if self-worth was not influenced by yesterday, but rather a sign that more was yet to come? You and I know that everything had usually turned out better than ok, the ride got bumpy, but we found the way.

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