Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Reign of Captivity

Kali, Hindu Goddess of empowerment, change and destruction.
Sorrow is not sweet, no matter how it is shaped or sold. Silence is golden, if you can calm your anxieties and are not frozen in time. Hopelessness and defeat can rattle the core of your brain. Around and around your mind spins with little faith that suffering will ever end. It is not that you are not trying, it is that you have come undone. Though life has not been cruel to you, your strength is worn and you don't no where else to go to allow your spirit to soar. It is not that you don't have faith, or understand the power of love - it is now that you have fallen completely apart, you are able to make a brand new start. While you have kept your head above water, the traumas that flung themselves at you one after another, no longer belong in the present moment. You are new. In order to heal and regain peace, you must let free your mind and heart from the reign of captivity
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