Thursday, January 30, 2014

Groundhog Day

Accepting our humanity, but not limiting ourselves to the vessel of our bodies and the confines of our minds, is not an easy task. What our bodies and minds feel directly reflects the way in which we have have been treating ourselves. It's much more tempting to be harsh and judgmental of ourselves, then it is to be gentle and attentive. All too often we wear ourselves thin unintentionally, because we try and carry to much of the weight of others in our shoulders. But the simple truth is that burdens are not healthy to bare beyond the weight of the lessons they are sent to teach. We must rescue ourselves from the abuse of our own hands and thoughts. It's dangerous flirting with negative perceptions and habits, for before we know it, much like a groundhog we patiently are awaiting to see if we will once again emerge from the dark whole. Hope is contingent rather than absolute. Life can be tricky and hard, it can be confusing and unpredictable. But no matter what this moment feels like or is like, it does not define us completely.  Our thoughts and our actions are living and breathing organism, and each day we birth them. Simply taking a moment to close our eyes and realizing there is so much more to existence that what our bodies allow us to realize. Then gently opening our eyes and being grateful that we are given this life to be alive, and have the ability to make a difference not only in ourselves, but others. May peace be ours to always recall, especially on the darkest days of them all.
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